Who we are?

Biotrix Regenerative Solutions is a medical consulting company that is committed to deliver therapies and products in the latest evidence-based advances in anti-aging regenerative therapy related with the aging process with a key focus through prevention.

Rather than fighting symptoms, regenerative medicine seeks to restore the structure and function of damaged tissues and cells.

Our Mision

Empowering People with the right to revolutionary regenerative medicine, transforming lives and elevating the quality of existence for everyone.

Our Values


Why Choose Biotrix Regenerative Solutions?


Tailored regenerative therapies designed around your unique needs and health goals


Backed by a team of experienced professionals, we deliver top-tier regenerative treatments with precision and care

Innovation at its core

Embracing the latest advancements, we bring cutting-edge regenerative solutions to your doorstep

Holistic Approach

Addressing not just symptoms but the root causes, ensuring comprehensive healing for your body, mind, and spirit

Ready to embark on your transformative healing experience?

Contact us for your consultation and let’s start your journey toward a healthier, & happier you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1This type of therapies can have side effects?
Rarely, side effects are presented in just 1-2% of people.
2What are the contraindications to MSC stem cell therapies?
MSC therapies may promote cell growth and tissue repair, which could potentially accelerate the growth of cancerous cells. Therefore, individuals with active cancer, malignant tumors or with a recent history of cancer should generally avoid MSC therapy.
3How long is take to have a fully therapy of stem cell+ exosomes IV perfusion?
A fully therapy involving stem cell and exosome intravenous (IV) perfusion can vary depending on several factors, but usually an range from a few weeks to several months.
4What is the benefits of a stem cell therapy?
MSC Stem cell therapy offers a range of potential benefits like: -Tissue regeneration and repair - ex: In beauty sector this type of therapy can be use as collagen and elasticity restoration; -Accelerated healing Reduction of inflammation; -Joint & cartilages repair or regeneration -Meniscus repair; -Neurological support;
5What is the roll of exosomes?
The functions of exosomes are essential for intercellular communication and cellular regulation. Some of their roles include: -Cell Signaling - ex: act as messengers, delivering signaling molecules to target cells; -Immune regulation - influencing immune responses; -Tissue repair and regeneration - can carry factors that promote tissue healing;